Vapor Isn’t Smoke – Stop Confusing The Two!



The price tag on a pack of cigarettes has caused a tremendous change in the smoker’s market. Many former smokers have turned to vaping for two main reasons. The first is the inability to keep up with the high price of smoking and because previous efforts to quit cigarette smoking have failed. It can be quite a task to explain to people that vapor and smoke are not the same thing. For the record, they’re nowhere close in comparison.

An electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a the e-liquid used to vape it. When a person takes a hit from their electronic cigarette, the e-liquid inside turns to vapor. When the vapor is released, it resembles smoke from tobacco products. There are many differences between the two though.


Tobacco smoke leaves clothing, breath and hands smelling rancid. The odor becomes stronger if it gets wet. If the e-cigarette is flavored, it may leave a momentary aroma, but it does not linger in the air like sweaty feet in a locker room. E-cigarettes do not yellow windows, mirrors or fingernails. The vapor from these devices disappears within moments after releasing it from the lungs. Tobacco cigarette smoke can last several minutes to hours after exhaling.


Keep these points in mind the next time you confuse vapor with smoke in order to have a more informed conversation about the subject.

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