What It Really Takes to Become a Modder

So you think you want to be a modder? A modder is someone who creates a vaping device using currently available MODs or creating their own custom MODss. The options currently available are endless and they are changing every day. Anyone can learn the art of being a modder, but there’s so much more to it than you might think.

Modders require knowledge of the science and engineering of vaping in order to improve the functionality, efficiency, and experience. To optimize the best use of each component you must know how they work and fit together. Mechanical MODs are straight hardware and digital mods use digital technology to regulate different aspects generally temperature. Knowing which materials are safe to vape through and which are not is vital. Also, it’s important to have knowledge of electricity and how different batteries will work with other components of your design. The last thing you want to do is burn your house down charging a faulty MOD.

To become a modder it also requires creativity and artistic talent. Mods are available in almost every shape, size, texture, color, and material. A great example of how mod art can be utilized is with the box mod which can be made from wood, metals, certain types of plastics, and can be covered and decorated in everything from leather to rhinestones. If you’re less into bells and whistles you may have more fun with a screwdriver mod which was originally created from a flashlight. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The world of MODs is endless and can be overwhelming and expensive if you don’t take the time to properly research all that MODs entail. That being said,  they provide an endless array of possibilities when it comes to your vaping experience. So if you haven’t tried experimenting with them yet, get out there and experience your potential.

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  1. Ryan Libbey

    Your vaping “Technique” section had a lot of
    great points that I personally had noticed and agreed with before I ever read your article. Very nice! That being said, it was very poorly written in that there were numerous grammar and syntax errors. It could have used a proof-read. I’m no English professor, but I do think it is important for your business to come across as being run by people who are literate and moderately versed in the language in which they choose to conduct their business. Also, there were a few opinions that were treated as fact. I really hope this helps you improve your “Technique” section. You have improved my vaping techniques, hopefully I can improve your literary ones🙃


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