Consistency, Quality, and the “Bad Bottle Hypothesis” when it comes to batch eLiquid


On a rare occasion, we run into someone that absolutely can’t stand our liquid.  I know, hard to believe, right?  Despite all the awards and accolades that Nicoticket has received, there are some people who struggle getting the most from a Nicoticket bottle.  The typical vendor would chalk this up to “taste is subjective” (which may very well be the case)… BUT – We go the extra mile by having a conversation around your build, known builds and devices that have produced good results for other vapers… etc.  We would very much encourage you to contact us to see if we can help!


We keep “batch bottles” for a period of (3) years – we have samples of every batch we have ever made since we transitioned from making “made to order custom liquid” to being a “pre-steeped, batch liquid” manufacturer.  Our batch size is no less than 5-12 gallons – and – as a general rule we vape every single batch before we release it… so, to be truthful, the whole bad batch hypothesis doesn’t apply to us like it would for a “made to order” vendor that is making every bottle with 1-3-5-10ml syringes.  Consistency is quality, quality is consistency… we’ve implemented a number of quality control measures – including transitioning to an ISO7 certified clean room and implementing current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMPs) to ensure that every bottle tastes as intended.


Clean your hardware before you first use it. Flavor lingering from previous vaping can be troublesome if the flavor profiles do not mesh well…

Bad atomizer? (if you use stock coils)

Poor storage (exposure to extended periods of extreme heat or cold)

Build/wattage/airflow considerations – there are so many variables out there with regard to delivery devices… our liquid is made to appeal to the widest variety of palates, and to be enjoyable in the widest variety of devices… but… have you considered trying the liquid in a different device?

Steeping – we steep the liquid before it’s bottled to ensure that liquid is ready to go right when you get it. That said – the amber brown glass bottles keep the liquid fresher, longer (as compared to LDPE plastic, or even clear glass bottles) – so – additional steep time is NEVER a bad thing.

Oral/personal hygiene:  Poor hygiene translates into reduced ability to detect and appreciate flavors.  Brush your teeth regularly.

Vaper’s Tounge:  Extended exposure to over-flavored eLiquid can translate to some or all of your eLiquid being muted, thus rendering you totally unable to enjoy the eJuice.

In any case, I’m just spitballin’ here – giving you some food for thought in an effort to help people get perspective on what goes into a “perfect vape.”  A perfect vape is a MOVING TARGET.  I have some liquid I used to vape that I can’t stand.  I also have some liquid I couldn’t tolerate, previously, that I now enjoy.  I have a wide variety of devices to use – and – some of the liquid is great in a dripper (for example) – but – I’m not a fan in a clearomizer (or, the opposite).  Getting a great vape may take some experimentation on the part of the consumer.

One of the endearing things about cigarettes is that they are both simple and consistent.  There are very few variables to consider when it comes to enjoying one – hense the reason there are still smokers.  Don’t enter into the vaping world with the expectation that it’s going to be as easy as smoking… that’s just not the case…

FINALLY – if you really believe that for any reason that batch is bad, we’ll be happy to test it (again). That said, the chances of that are remote. Every batch we release has been tested for purposes of quality – and – we also test the constituent ingredients before we mix… those kind of quality measures translate into an eLiquid that you can order with confidence (with the expectation that they contents of the 2nd bottle will be as close as is humanly possible to the contents of the 1st bottle, and so on).  Does that mean your personal taste will not change?  …of course not.  Unfortunately, as good as our liquid is, there is no “silver bullet” in the eLiquid world.  There is no flavor or vendor that everyone universally likes, just as there is no baseball player that stands in the box and hits a home-run every time.

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